'Teen Mom 3' Premiere Recap: Baby Daddy Drama

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On the premiere of 'Teen Mom 3,' we saw all of the girls struggle with baby daddy drama. Whether they are still together with the fathers, like Mackenzie, Katie and Alex are or not even on speaking terms, like Briana. There was still trouble to be found. On the series premiere of Teen Mom 3, we saw all four of the girls struggle with their baby daddies.

Even Briana DeJesus, who isn't even speaking to her child's father Devoin, managed to find herself engaged in a serious struggle after he began cyber-bullying her.

When Briana saw all of the mean rumors that Devoin was spreading about her on Twitter, she decided to take legal action and filed for an order of protection against him.

However, when the time came for her to appear in court in order to fight her case and obtain it, she decided to drop it.

Still, it looks like Briana has a long road ahead of her when it comes to co-parenting with Devoin.

Fellow Teen Mom Alex Sekella has a similar struggle with her daughter's father Matt, except that he has a drug problem and is fresh out of rehab when the show begins.

Even though Matt has just completed two months of treatment, Alex is having a hard time trusting him, especially when they go on a date in the part of town where he used to buy drugs and he claims that he just "lost" $10 when he goes into a convenience store.

Obviously, we're going to see how Matt's struggle to stay sober will play out and how it will affect both Alex and their daughter Molli.

As for Katie Yeager, her child's father Joey has also been making things interesting.

When Joey returns to Katie's house with her car smashed, she (understandably) freaks out and demands to know what happened. Joey says that his aunt backed in to the car, but he is not making any kind of effort to talk to the aunt about it or resolve the issue, so Katie's mom calls the police.

Eventually, a police report is filed and Joey seems like he couldn't have cared less.

His aloof attitude toward Katie is actually the reason why it was a bit of a shock when he proposed to her at the end of the episode. We're not sure if it was re-enacted for the cameras, but we're kind of hoping it was because the proposal we saw was very anti-climactic and the way the conversation went, they were about as enthusiastic as if they would have been talking about the weather report.

Finally, we have Mackenzie Douthit, who despite marrying her child's father Josh since shooting wrapped, is struggling with a possible breakup in this episode.

Josh seems totally uninterested in Mackenzie and when they go on a date to celebrate their anniversary, they just end up fighting.

Eventually, they work things out and Mackenzie asks Josh to move in with her, but again, he seems indifferent about it during the discussion.

Ultimately, he tells her that he kind of wants to live on his own until she finishes school, which is a bit of a shock to her.

It's sad to see another round of girls struggling with their children's fathers, but it seems to be the norm for most of the girls we've seen on the Teen Mom franchise.

What did you think of the Teen Mom 3 premiere?

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