'16 and Pregnant' Star Faked Pregnancy and Baby's Death for Money?

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'16 and Pregnant' star Nikkole Paulun was reportedly pregnant with her second child when she suffered a devastating loss after the child was a still born. According to Nikkole's best friend, however, the whole thing was a lie... This is beyond sad.

Nikkole Paulun, who appeared on MTV's 16 & Pregnant in 2009 was reportedly pregnant with her second child before suffering a devastating loss when the baby was a stillborn.

In an interview with RadarOnline, Nikkole opened up about the tragedy, saying, ""I cried. I was like in shock..I just couldn't understand why and I was confused. I didn't think that was actually going to happen."

Obviously, her story is heartbreaking...but here's the twist. Nikkole's friend Sam, who participated in an interview about the baby and the loss, now says that the whole thing was made up. She says Nikkole faked her pregnancy for money.

"I can't in my heart lie for her anymore," she confessed to The Real Teen Mom Talk in a taped conversation. "She showed me her fake belly and she told me she did this...she's doing it for money because she's gonna get paid for this, I guess."

She even says that Nikkole got ultrasounds on the internet and pretended they were her own and faked a pregnancy test with someone else's urine.

Nikkole hasn't yet responded to Sam's claims, but they can't both be telling the truth...

Either way this one goes, it's really, really sad.

Do you believe that Nikkole faked a pregnancy (and the baby's death) for money? What kind of person could do that?

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