How Did Lamar Odom Pass the NBA Drug Tests?

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A new report might offer insight as to how Lamar Odom managed to pass multiple NBA drug tests, despite reportedly doing drugs for at least two years. Many people are wondering how Lamar Odom managed to pass NBA drug tests for years if he really was doing all of these drugs that the tabloids are claiming he did.

According to a new report by RadarOnline, Lamar was tested at least six times by the basketball organization over the past year alone and didn't "fail" a single test.

Here's why: the site claims that Lamar did test positive for OxyContin (a frequently abused painkiller), but since he had a valid prescription for the medication, that is not considered failing the test.

"Lamar was able to smoke OxyContin and it was detected during several drug tests," their source said. "But because he had a valid prescription, it wasn't a violation. It allowed him to skate through the system. He knew he could smoke it and get away with it."

The drug is supposed to be taken orally, in pill form, but apparently the drug tests couldn't tell how it was ingested into the system, just that it was there.

The drug, which is known as "hillbilly heroin" is considered be even stronger than morphine and is known to be highly addictive.

While the family's attempted intervention last week failed, we're hopeful that Lamar will eventually agree to get whatever help he needs.



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