Ariana Grande Facebook Hacked: Ariana Fires Back on Twitter

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Ariana Grande's Facebook was hacked! Read what the hacker wrote on her Facebook page and how Ariana responded on Twitter. The 'Sam & Cat' star wasn't happy with the horrible things written about her and Miley Cyrus. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-171%

Ariana Grande's Facebook was hacked last night--once she got wind of it, she had some not-so-kind words for the person who did it.

The status updates on Ariana's Facebook page were pretty terrible, with confessions of drug addiction and digs on Miley Cyrus.

One post read: "Hello everyone. I have a confession to make. I'm struggling with an addiction to coke. I plan on going to rehab, and I'll be inactive for a while. I will be canceling my future tours and shows. Goodbye for now."

Another read: "btw Miley Cyrus needs to twerk her ugly ass off a cliff. Lol."

Ariana tweeted: "Omg my Facebook was hacked lol.... And by lol I mean..... Get a life asshole"

She added, "If you were awake during any of that nonsense I apologize it wasn't me lol really sorry :) have a good night everybody"



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