Justin Timberlake Disses One Direction? Says 'N Sync Better Boy Band!

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Justin Timberlake says that 'N Sync is better than One Direction? Check out what Justin said about the hottest boy band in the world -- guess he should know, 'N Sync was the biggest thing around back in the day. Justin Timberlake Nsync better than One Direction
We're still a little giddy over the 'N Sync reunion that went down on the MTV VMAs on Sunday, but how does the old school boy band compare to the group of the moment, One Direction?

Justin Timberlake, who may be the tiniest bit biased, thinks 'N Sync are the better band.

While Justin and the boys have a lot in common with 1D, we're not sure the comparison can really be made--'N Sync were the bomb in their heyday, but that day (hey!) is over.

Still, it's cool that One Direction can carry the torch, even if that doesn't involve the fancy choreography JT and his boy band delivered back in the day.

Justin told The Breakfast Club, "I have not seen them on stage, but I'd be willing to say that we're better than them."

He was quick to add, "But I don't feel like I'm laying down any kind of gauntlet. I've seen them a couple times and I like those guys. It's interesting to see this whole wave of that come back around."

Sounds like we have to have a boy band challenge--just no dance-offs because, let's face it, 1D can't keep up with 'N Sync in that department.

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