Are Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Getting a Divorce Because of Taylor Swift?

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Uh oh! There's some serious drama in the country music world right now!

According to new reports in the National Enquirer, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's 16-year-long marriage is on the rocks after a supposed affair of some sort with Taylor Swift! Can you believe that?!

The rumors are that T-Swift and T-McGraw are sexually attracted to each other and now his relationship could be dunzo because of it. Tim also reportedly feels mistreated by Faith and wants out of his marriage too.

Reps for the McGraws recently talked to GossipCop about this specific, situation saying it is "totally false and ridiculous."

Phew, we didn't think Taylor couldn't be a home-wrecker like that.

Although after several musical collaborations, it's pretty obvious Tim and Tay are awesome friends...Find out what he recently had to say about her crazy dating life!

Do you think Tim and Faith's marriage is in trouble? Is there something going on between Tim and Tay?



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