Ariana Grande Album 'Yours Truly' Leaks Online: Listen!

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Ariana Grande's new album, "Yours Truly," leaked online in advance of its September release date. This comes on the heels of Ariana's Facebook getting hacked. Did you listen to Ariana's leaked album or are you waiting? Ariana Grande Yours Truly album leaked onlineIt's been a rough week to be Ariana Grande--first her Facebook got hacked and now her album, "Yours Truly," has leaked online.

Through it all, she's remained upbeat and positive.

"Yours Truly" was set for a September 3rd U.S. release, but a full leak of the new album made its way online yesterday.

Some fans got a sneak peek of Ariana's album and loved it...while others promised to wait until the official release date.

Of course, the Mariah Carey comparisons spring to mind--Ariana's crazy talented, guys.

Ariana tweeted about the album, writing, "My album leaked in the states which kinda sucks but I'm actually soooo excited that you all finally get to hear it...I love you guys, enjoy"

She added, "My fans are so sweet saying they'll still buy YT even if they listen to the leak. :D We put a lot of work into it so means a lot ily guys."

Don't forget to watch Ariana on the Today show on September 3.

Did you listen to Ariana's album "Yours Truly"--what did you think? (Or are you waiting?)


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