Rihanna Reportedly Dissed Taylor Swift at the VMAs!

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Whoa, what?! There's beef between Rihanna and Taylor Swift now?

According to Us Weekly, Ri-Ri reportedly had A LOT to say about T-Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards and it wasn't nice! Shocked?

The bad-girl singer reportedly wasn't feeling Taylor's singalongs and basically thought she was doing it for attention.

"She's making a scene," Rihanna reportedly said to a friend sitting beside her at the show.

"She ain't cute."

Maybe Rihanna's a die-hard 1D fan or something? She did sit next to the guys at the show!

Honestly, we aren't surprised Rihanna said that about Tay. She's known to be a little outspoken these days...But really, does she have room to talk? Doesn't Ri go a little out of her way nowadays to make a scene? Hmm...

This isn't the only VMAs drama or diss Taylor has had to deal with this year. Her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles, wasn't feeling her awards show blow at all and had an interesting response to it. Click here to read about that.

Are you surprised Rihanna dissed Taylor? Do you agree with what she said about her or think it was totally unnecessary?

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