Bruce Jenner Tired of the "Kardashian Machine"

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Bruce Jenner is reportedly fed up with the "Kardashian machine," which is constantly in the spotlight, constantly doing things for publicity and has apparently... Let's face it--Keeping Up With the Kardashians is not easy.

Even outsiders struggle to keep track of the constant drama surrounding the family, we can't imagine what it must be like to be caught up in the middle of all of it.

Apparently, it isn't easy and Bruce Jenner is at his wits' end with all of it.

Regarding Bruce, a source tells In Touch magazine that, "He is so sick of the Kardashian machine and Kris' antics. He knows she's making him look foolish."

They claim that their marriage is pretty much over and that it's only a business relationship at this point.

That could explain why Bruce has been living at a house in Malibu while Kris stays at the Kardashian's Calabasas compound.

Interestingly enough, Lamar Odom's alleged mistress made a similar claim about Lamar being tired of the whole Kardashian scene, claiming that at one point when he was saying goodbye to her, he said "I have to go be a Kardashian now."



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