Justin Timberlake Backtracking on One Direction Diss? 'N Sync a Better Boy Band?

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Justin Timberlake diss One Direction backtrack TwitterWell, well, well, it seems Justin Timberlake faced a bit of backlash when he said that 'N Sync is a better boy band than One Direction.

Those are fighting words, JT!

Turns out, he may have misunderstood the interview question--and took to Twitter to clear up his previous statement.

Justin retweeted NME magazine with his clarification, writing: "@NME: Justin Timberlake: N Sync are better than One Direction...I thought the question was about a pie eating contest. My bad. #newsworthy"

LOL. Love it.

C'mon, give Justin some credit for trying to smooth things over with a little joke.

His new tweet, however, has us dreaming up how we could get 'N Sync and One Direction facing off in a pie eating contest.

Make it happen, Jimmy Fallon. This is right in your wheelhouse.

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