One Direction's Best Kisser: Niall Horan, According to Louis Tomlinson!

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Who is the best kisser in One Direction? According to Louis Tomlinson, that would be Niall Horan, though we wonder how he knows! This revealing answer came out when the 1D guys were asked what their kisses taste like. One Direction Niall Horan best kisserSometimes the One Direction guys reveal some pretty interesting things about each other during their this bit about who is the best kisser!

We Love Pop asked the boys what it would taste like to kiss them.

Great question.

While Niall Horan and Harry Styles had some pretty honest answers, Louis Tomlinson took it upon himself to point out Niall as the best kisser in the group.

Well does he know how good of a kisser Niall is?

Before you jump the gun and drum up rumors that he must know from personal experience, let's put this in perspective--Louis is always joking around.

Niall answered the question of what his kisses taste like, saying, "Dunno. I've never kissed myself."

Harry said, "I've just had some gum, so possibly spearmint."

Louis was quick to note, "Niall's the best kisser in the band!"

We know a few Directioners who would be more than happy to get to the bottom of both of these questions for the ages--what do the 1D guys taste like and who is the best kisser?

What do you think?

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