Farrah Abraham's 'Feminist' FAIL

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Farrah Abraham is the person everyone loves to hate...and with some of the things she says, it's kind of hard not to see why. In a new interview, Farrah... Intouch Weekly's Oh, Farrah Abraham ...if nothing else, thank you for the endless entertainment!

The Teen Mom turned porn star has said some pretty funny things in recent interviews, but this might be one of her best.

In a new interview with Cultist, where she was promoting an upcoming strip club appearance, Farrah was asked if she considers herself a "feminist."

Her response?

Well, apparently Farrah doesn't know exactly what a feminist is, so she made an (un)educated guess...

"I'm pretty feminine...I think so," she replied. The interviewer obviously didn't think her lack of knowledge was very cute and clarified, thinking maybe she just misheard him. "Not feminine, FEMINIST," to which Farrah replied, "What does that mean? You're a lesbian or something..."

Yep, seriously.

Then, she tried to sound smart and act like it could be interpreted in many different ways, asking "what context are you saying it in?"

How does one even answer that question? Anyway, he went on to define the word for her and Farrah apparently does feel that she's a feminist...and that she's feminine, too.

So, there you have it.

Feminist Feminine

Any questions? Yeah, we didn't think so...

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