Lady Gaga Removes Her Wig, Shows Her Real Hair on Stage at iTunes Festival

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Lady Gaga Opens iTunes FestivalLady Gaga is often seen wearing some kind of wild wig as it's all part of her persona. But, at the iTunes Festival in London this weekend, Mother Monster removed her wig and showed fans her real hair.

The singer, who has dedicated an entire song to "Hair," showed off her short brown 'do, which is a stark contrast to the tousled tresses she's been sporting as of late.

It is also very different than the characteristic platinum blonde or yellow-wigged Gaga that had become an integral part of her image.

We have to say, we think the natural brunette looks best when she sticks to her roots and we've loving the more natural side we're seeing of her lately.

What do you think of Gaga's real hair?

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