'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Teen Moms Forced to Make Adult Decisions

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This week, on 'Teen Mom 3,' the teen moms are forced to make very adult decisions as Mackenzie Douthit wants to get on birth control, Katie Yeager wants to get an apartment and... This week on Teen Mom 3, the teen moms find themselves having to make very adult decisions.

Mackenzie Douthit wanted her boyfriend to move in with her, but ultimately, he decided not to--although he is staying in the house for a little while. Mackenzie's mom is conservative about the situation and doesn't want the two of them staying in the same room, so they don't. But, not sleeping in the same room doesn't stop them from sleeping together, so Mackenzie wants to get on birth control without disappointing her mom.

Ultimately, she goes to the doctor and they decide on an IUD for birth control, which seems to be the best option, considering Mackenzie's diabetes.

As for newly-engaged Katie Yeager, she wants to find an apartment for herself and her fiance Joey, so they go look at places and end up signing a lease at a nice new apartment complex.

Unfortunately, the whole thing causes them to get into a huge argument and Joey leaves, telling Katie "it's over."

Briana DeJesus is also struggling with her baby daddy as her ex-boyfriend Devoin calls her and tells her he wants to try to work things out.

She decides to give him a chance after telling him that he can't keep bullying her online and she reveals that she had gone to court to try to get him to stop.

In giving Devoin a chance, she allows him to watch their daughter Nova for a little while. Little did Devoin know, Briana and her mom were just waiting in the car nearby. It seems to be just as hard on Briana as it is on Devoin as Briana ends up in tears and Devoin has to call for help after Nova throws up and poops her diaper.

Alex Sekella is going through a different type of struggle as her boyfriend Matt is fresh out of rehab and she is having trouble trusting him.

As they are both living with Alex's mom, she ends up getting in the middle of most of their arguments, which actually seems to be a good thing when she suggests therapy for them so they can work on their problems.

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