Fire at Liam Payne's Home: Andy Samuels Burned in Blaze

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Details on the fire that broke out at Liam Payne's home, including how the fire started and who was injured in the blaze. Liam's friend, Andy Samuels suffered burns from the fire, prompting the Twitter trend PrayforAndy. His girlfriend tweeted an update. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-62%

Liam Payne made news last night when a fire broke out at his home, burning BFF Andy Samuels as a result.

PrayforAndy began trending on Twitter as fans tried to piece together what exactly happened--what caused the fire and the extent of injuries.

According to various reports, a gas heater on Liam's balcony at his home malfunctioned and exploded.

A source told The Daily Mirror, "His friend went to fill up the gas for a heating lamp, there was some sort of accident and the whole balcony went up in flames."

Liam was reportedly in the kitchen when the fire broke out.

A tenant at Liam's building noted, "There was a guy who had burnt his face who was being helped by the emergency services. I didn't see his face but he was quite a tall guy."

London Fire Brigade's Laurie Kenny noted, "Two of the occupants had superficial burns to their hands and the third had burns to his hands and face. All three have been taken to hospital."

Andy was confirmed as one of the men injured, with his girlfriend Daisie Smith tweeting an update on his condition: "Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages & prayers. On behalf of Andy's family & I we'd like you to know he is in a stable condition."

Scary stuff.


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