Justin Bieber's Friend Reportedly Linked to Cocaine Smuggling Ring!

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Whoa! It seems like Justin Bieber's friends might be worse influences than we thought! According to new reports, one of the Biebs' BFFs is a part of an international drug smuggling ring! We aren't kidding! Which friend is it? Click to read more. Someone find Justin Bieber some new friends ASAP!

Not only are his closest pals constantly getting into and getting him into trouble but now there is a new report that one of them hangs out with legit criminals and might be supplying Justin with drugs!

According to RadarOnline.com, one of Justin's BFFs is good friends with people who are a part of an international drug smuggling ring!

Surprisingly the pal isn't one of the "Lil" friends JB has...it's Jason Boyd aka Poo Bear!

What's even crazier is that Justin JUST posted a pic of Poo Bear on Instagram and totally referenced drugs in its caption too! In the pic, that has since been deleted, Poo Bear is seen holding a bag of white powder. Justin posted the words, "@poobearmdma whatcha got in your hand," along with the photo. Instantly after he put up the pic, Beliebers slammed Justin's drug praise and said they hoped he wasn't doing drugs. They obviously thought there was cocaine or "molly" in the baggie.

Poo Bear's drug connections reportedly come from the South American nation, Suriname, that's known for it's drug trafficking. He actually just visited and hung out with a well-known drug lord while there. Read all about that here.

This isn't the first time Justin and his friends have been linked to illegal drugs. Some were snapped smoking marijuana with Bieber a few months ago.

Maybe all of this drug trafficking stuff is why Justin and his crew were searched by drug police and dogs when they landed at an airport in Florida recently? There were reports the cops heard Justin had drugs on him! And really, what's up with Justin bragging about what Poo Bear had in the bag in the deleted pic? Hmm, sure does make you think!

Your thoughts?

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