Kylie Jenner Rocks a Gold Grill at In-N-Out

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First Miley Cyrus wore one...then came Katy Perry at the VMAs...and now Kylie Jenner is the latest girl rocking a grill!

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a photo to her Instagram of herself at fast food chain In-N-Out wearing a gold mouthpiece over her lower teeth.

The 16-year-old PacSun designer also sports a pair of long, white acrylic nails in the picture.

Kylie has definitely shown off an edgier, grungier style lately. Perhaps it's due to Kanye West's influence?

During a recent interview, Kylie said Kim Kardashian's boyfriend, who's moved into her family's house, offered to help her design recently.

Kylie also has a jewelry collection called Metal Haven that she did with her sister Kendall that retails at Nordstrom. Will we see a grill in next year's collection perhaps?
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