Diem Brown's 5 Top Tips for Red Carpet Hosting

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Interested in becoming a red carpet host or reporter? 'Real World' alum turned TV host Diem Brown is giving her top tips on how to rock the red carpet and get the best celebrity interview! Real World alum turned TV host Diem Brown is giving us her tips on how to take the red carpet by storm.

In the midst of battling (and beating) ovarian cancer, Diem has hosted for the likes of Sky Living, Fox's "On the Fox Lot" and "Strategy Makers," and Think MTV, among other outlets and shows.

Take a look at her top tips for red carpet hosting!

1. Realize that it's a job – a real job that isn't always glamorous. "You're freezing or you're sweating. You're there at about 8 or 9 in the morning when the carpet doesn't start until five, and then after the carpet is over you rush to the edit bay and you're editing until 2 in the morning...people that want to get into the business realize that it's a job. It's not a glamorous job, but it's a fun job and it's a really rewarding job."

2. "When you're interviewing somebody, it's not about the sheet of paper, you've got to listen and you'll connect on a real level," Diem said. "When you connect on a real level, you'll get real answers." This was a lesson she learned when she interviewed Robin Williams and had to figure out how to get him to talk about Christopher Reeve, who passed away that same day.

3. You can't force an interview. "If someone doesn't want to interview or give you what you want, they're not going to do it. It's not going to be easy. Sometimes the best thing to do is back away and let it happen." Diem learned that when she had to interview Tommy Lee Jones, who hates doing interviews.

4. Do your research. Watch what your competitors are doing and ask actors questions that will intrigue them. "Find out what the actor really loves outside of acting and ask them something about that because that will get them really interested," she said.

5. Don't get into reporting or hosting to be a celebrity. "The worst piece of advice someone gave me is that 'you're going to be Giuliana Rancic in a day.'"

Take a peek at what else Diem had to say in the clip above!

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