Justin Bieber Insists He Didn't Drop N-Bomb in New Song, It's Fake

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A tune called "What She Wants" recently hit the net and because of how it was posted on YouTube, many thought it was Justin Bieber's new song. The track's lyrics really upset fans because it reportedly had the "n-word" in it. After all of the negative feedback, Justin insists the song is a fake and took legal action to shut down the video! Get more of this story here! Whoa! Justin Bieber says WHAT in his new song "What She Wants"?

Actually, that song isn't even his! Beliebers went crazy when the song called "What She Wants" hit the net a few days ago under what seemed to be Justin's YouTube account. Not only did fans freak because "he" supposedly released a new track but because "he" said the n-word in it too!

According to TMZ, Justin insists it's not him on the song at all and that it's 100 percent fake! He reportedly got his legal team to take action and have the video removed from YouTube.

The REAL artist is allegedly an artist named Khalil Underwood. This isn't the first time he's posted his own song as one of Justin's songs. He did the same thing a few months ago!

Obviously this artist is taking advantage of Bieber's fame and his fans. He knows Beliebers will check out his song if they think it's Justin's new track!

What do you think of this guy? Is it totally lame he's posting songs online as Justin?!

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