Mean-Spirited Offer for Khloe Kardashian?

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Khloe Kardashian has been going through a lot lately as her husband Lamar Odom battles a drug problem that is threatening to destroy their marriage. As if Khloe isn't going through enough... The C. Wonder And Patron Tequila Party To Celebrate Maria Menounos' BirthdayKhloe Kardashian has been going through a lot lately.

Her husband, Lamar Odom has a drug problem that is threatening to destroy their marriage and it seems that more often than not, she can't even get in touch with him as he continues to go off the grid.

Of course, Khloe is probably sensitive to anything drug-related at the moment because they are causing her so much strife, which is why we were shocked when she got an offer to be a spokesperson for a drug testing company.

According to RadarOnline, the company makes kits that you can use to test "surfaces and objects around your home for residue left by coke, crack, heroin, ecstasy and a few others."

The company apparently made Khloe a $1 million dollar offer to act as their spokesperson.

No word yet on whether or not Khloe has accepted, but our guess is that it'll a big "no" on that one.

Do you think it was mean for the company to reach out to Khloe?



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