'Dexter' Season 8, Episode 10: Which Character Doesn't Survive?

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'Dexter' just made our jaws drop. As Dexter presses on with his plans to move to Argentina, we see one of the characters meet a tragic and shocking end. Find out what happened on "Goodbye Miami."
Dexter presses on with his decision to move with Hannah and Harrison to Argentina.

But, his plans to take off aren't exactly going off without a hitch.

Check out what made our jaws drop on tonight's episode of Dexter.

Making Moves: Dexter tells Bautista and Deb he's leaving Miami, letting Deb know that his reason for moving to Argentina is for Hanna...and he's taking his son Harrison with him. Deb doesn't take the news well, telling him "being without you feels like jumping off a cliff." That still doesn't stop Dexter from moving forward with his plans though.

Big Mistake: Giving Bautista his two weeks notice proves to be a big mistake for Dexter when Bautista casually tells Federal Marshal Clayton that Dexter is leaving his job (and Miami). Little did Bautista know, Clayton has been on the hunt for Hannah and has a hunch Dexter is helping her hide. He wants nothing more than to take Hannah into custody and walk away with the reward money.

Once Clayton finds out that info, he stops by Deb's house, where Hannah is staying. Luckily, he doesn't see her, but things heat up when Harrison is playing on a treadmill, falls and splits his chin open. Hannah is the only one at the home with him at the time and has to rush him to the hospital as a result..and we knew that was going to lead to a disaster. While Hannah is sitting in the waiting room with Harrison at the hospital, a nurse recognizes her and tells Clayton (when he randomly shows up at the hospital after they leave) that Hannah had been there with a little boy named Harrison Morgan.

Quinn's Break-up: Quinn breaks up with Jamie, and all signs point to the root of the split being that he's still in love with Deb. What's surprising is that Deb appears to still be in love with Quinn and tells him she still has feelings for him after Bautista lets her in on the break-up news. Quinn and Deb seal their conversation with a kiss. We're not sure though if Deb really still has the hots for Bautista or if she just doesn't want to be alone.

Vogel and The Brain Surgeon: Although Daniel and his mother, Vogel, have reunited, things still feel a bit tense. Daniel tells Vogel he wants her to make him like Dexter, to be able to live his life as a serial killer in peace, and get the love back from his mother that he needs. He asks Vogel to convince Dexter to stop trying to kill him. Vogel agrees, but when Dexter shows her a couple of videos he found on Daniel's computer of him killing people, she realizes that her son is nothing but a cold-blooded killer. A mental institution, where she wanted to send him, isn't going to help stop him. So, she agrees to let Dexter kill him. The plan goes south though when Vogel invites her son to meet up at her home instead of in an open, public place like she told Dexter she would do.

And here's where the shocker comes in.

Against Dexter's wishes, Vogel lets Daniel into her home. Then, things take a turn for the worse when Daniel notices that she's acting nervous while they're having tea.

Dexter calls Vogel back when he arrives to the home and Daniel answers her phone.He tells Dexter to stay right where he is (outside, where he can see him) and don't move.

Then, he opens up a window curtain, where we can see him standing behind Vogel, and promptly slits his mother's throat open.

This, my friends, is a different kind of serial killer.

O. M. G.

Don't miss the next episode of Dexter Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.

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