3 Things to Know About Josh Peck

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Josh Peck had quite the embarrassing moment while he was water skiing during sleepaway camp back in the day. Check out what went down and the other two things you might not know about the 'Battle of the Year' star. Josh Peck is giving fans the scoop on a few things they may not know about him.

A few hilarious things.

Take a peek at the three pieces of info the Battle of the Year star revealed!

1. He had quite the embarrassing moment when he went water skiing for the first time on a lake while he was at sleep away camp at the age of eight.

"I was somewhat challenged in the getting up department [on water skis]," Josh said. "I was good at sitting in the water. I was really good at getting dragged by a really powerful boat. So, finally, I got up and I'm in all my glory and my swimsuit fell off...and little Josh was out there in the great outdoors feeling greatly embarrassed. There was a good amount of time where there was just me, a life jacket and nothing else."

2. He got his driver's license at 17. He also got into a car accident around the same time and totaled his mom's car. To make matters worse, he was on the way to karate class and was wearing full karate gear from head to toe. "I was in the middle of a boulevard looking like a chubby ninja," Josh said.

3. He's a yogi. Take a peek at Josh showing us his best handstand in the clip above!

And don't forget to check out Josh when his film Battle of the Year hits theaters Sept. 20.

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