Harry Styles Gets Flirty with...Zach Braff?

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Zach Braff tweeted about missing out on meeting Harry Styles recently, and Harry's tweets back were hilarious! Check out the Twitter exchange, as the two flirted and Zach quoted Taylor Swift. Future BFFs? %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-60%

Harry Styles and Zach Braff are getting pretty flirty on Twitter!

Zach just missed a meet-up with Harry over the weekend, as he tweeted: "I guess I left the celebration too early. Here's my producer @KickstarterCoco snuggling with my muse. @Harry_Styles"

Harry responded: "@zachbraff you were greatly missed. @KickstarterCoco and I cried a little. Then she left with a dude. Oooooooooohhh..."

Zach was understandably bummed, quoting none other than Taylor Swift, when he tweeted: "@Harry_Styles we are never, ever, ever getting back together."

Harry's response? "@zachbraff but pleeeeeaase?"


Indie producer Coco summed up the meeting with Harry, rubbing it in just a little: "@zachbraff he is just as intoxicating as we fantasized he would be. I'll wipe your tears anytime @Harry_Styles"

Zach has tweeted about Harry a number of times, writing in July: "#YoureMoreAttractiveIf you're the gay love child of @Harry_Styles and @donald_faison"

Harry tweeted back: "@zachbraff @donald_faison oh stop it you.."

After that exchange, Zach had noted: "Ever since me and @Harry_Styles became bffs, I have a lot more 1D followers."

Aw, we think Zach and Harry should hang out together!

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