Kim Kardashian Makes a Cameo in Scott Disick's Keek Video

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Kim Kardashian sightings have been scarce lately. It seems that the reality star has been hiding from the paparazzi, but she has been spending time with the fam and in this new Keek video...

Whoa! This would have been a paparazzo's dream come true!

Khloe Kardashian, Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian and the elusive (as of late) Kim Kardashian--all in the same car together!

The fam is jamming out to Drake's "Hold On We're Going Home" as Khloe (who seems to be in good spirits) cruises the freeway with Scott the camera man sitting shotgun.

As he pans to the back of the car, Kim makes a cameo and her newly-blonde hair is looking gorgeous!

We don't get a full body shot, but from what we can see, she looks amazing.

While Scott was taking the video, Kim was Keeking it from her view in the back seat, but since Kim sightings have been so rare lately, we think Scott's footage is much more interesting.

Where do you think they were headed?

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