'Teen Mom 3' Episode 4 Recap: Breaking Points

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On this episode of 'Teen Mom 3,' the girls were pushed to their limits as they battled baby daddy drama, trust issues and a whole lot more! On this week's episode of Teen Mom 3, the girls were pushed to their breaking points.

Briana DeJesus continued to struggle with her daugher's father Devoin. After last week's episode when he seemed to want to come around more and even watched Nova for awhile, Briana decided she would let Devoin bring Nova over to his house to watch her there. In a move that surprised nobody, Devoin ditched Briana and their daughter. He also wanted no part of paying for helping to child-proof the house when Briana asked him to start pitching in.

Ultimately, after an explosive argument, Briana's mom talked to Devoin and he agreed to pitch in and pay for part of the child-proofing.

Alex Sekella had more drama with Matt after she found out he had been chatting up a girl online.

After she told her mom about the situation, her mom confronted Matt and the calm discussion quickly turned into an all-out argument when Alex got home from work and the two started screaming at each other. It got so heated, Matt was taunting Alex to try to get her to hit him.

In the end, Matt ended up leaving, which was probably in everyone's best interest.

Katie Yeager was still struggling in the aftermath of her fight with Joey about the apartment and after talking to a friend, she realizes that she needs to make up with him for their daughter Molli's sake. The eventually end up going to therapy and while Katie is taking it all very seriously, Joey appears completely disinterested.

Despite the disappointing counseling session, Katie and Joey did end up moving into their apartment together.

Mackenzie Douthit was super excited about going to prom, even though fiance Josh seemed less than enthusiastic about the whole thing. When he finally agreed to go, Mackenzie went dress shopping and realized how expensive dresses were and decided to borrow a dress instead of buying one. She also did her own hair and nails to avoid those extra expenses, too. As for her and Josh, they decided it would be best not to sleep together on prom night and went to a party together instead.

What did you think of this week's episode of Teen Mom 3?

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