Twerk Fail Video a Fake? Jimmy Kimmel Hoax Video Went Viral!

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Jimmy Kimmel twerk video fail hoax fake
Jimmy Kimmel revealed that the epic twerk fail viral video was all a lie. A hoax. It's fake. Jimmy interviewed the woman who had a twerking accident, catching fire when a roommate opened the door on her. Jimmy explains the hoax and shows the extended video. If you thought that epic twerk fail video that shows a girl falling and catching fire was fake--you were right!

Seems that Jimmy Kimmel was behind the whole thing...go figure.

Kimmel pulled the ultimate hoax, revealing the stunt when he had the young woman on his show last night.

She's really a stunt woman--and Jimmy showed the entire video on his show, which included him walking in to extinguish the fire.

You got us good, Kimmel!

The interesting thing is that Jimmy said it was never sent to any news outlets or tweeted about, but found its way to viral stardom by just being on YouTube.

The message behind it all, Jimmy said, is that it will hopefully "end twerking forever."

We can only hope.


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