Harry Styles and Robert Pattinson Out Drinking Together at Chateau Marmont?

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Harry Styles and Robert Pattinson were spotted having a drink together at Chateau Marmont... the latest celebrity bromance or just hanging out? Read eyewitness accounts from the Harry and Rob sighting. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-60%

Harry Styles and Robert Pattinson were spotted having a drink and talking at Chateau Marmont last night...a new bromance on the horizon?

They also reportedly argued about who would pay, according to some eyewitnesses who took to Twitter to share the sighting.

Don't you love it when handsome celebrities hang out?

Rob and Harry news buzzed on Twitter with @1DUpdaterGirls tweeting about the celeb hangout, writing: "Harry Styles was at the Chateau Marrmont Hotel!!! With Robert Pattinson having a drink and talking. They argued over who was paying."

@Socialite_LA tweeted about all the "drama outside Chateau Marmont" due to Harry and Robert being together, adding the hashtag #WhoCares."

Love. It.

Of course, there's plenty of speculation that the two were talking about ex-girlfriends over a beer, but we're guessing they have better things to chat about.

Also, don't forget Harry is 19--was he having a mocktail or underage drinking?

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