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Well, this is disturbing...a One Direction fan allegedly killed her dog in a desperate attempt to get the band's attention on Twitter.

We are so hoping this is a hoax.

Yes, Directioners may sometimes go to extremes to get 1D's attention, but this just isn't cool.

Multiple reports, including NY Daily News, say that Twitter user @illumivato was attempting to get the band to follow her on August 29, threatening to kill her dog if it didn't happen.

She asked for a follow, saying, "or I'll break my dog's neck."

Later, she posted a pic of a dog pinned down, with her hand around its neck.

She later wrote to Liam Payne, "I love you. Follow me. My dog has just died," with a pic of her crying and holding the dog.

Some are noting that her disgusting attempts to get attention are completely a hoax, as the pic of a girl crying and holding her dog existed online before she posted it.

The fan has also posted disturbing pics of animals in a blender and a gun pointed at a dog.

Her account has since been suspended.