'X Factor' Highlights: Al Calderon, Rylie Brown, Rachel Potter, Denise Weeks, Simone Torres

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Watch the standout 'X Factor' auditions from the September 12 show, including Al Calderon, Rylie Brown Rachel Potter, Denise Weeks and Simone Torres. Will any of these contestants make it to the end? Subway singer Denise Weeks closed the show with her emotional story. The X Factor auditions delivered plenty of talent (and some duds, as always), with standouts like Al Calderon, Rylie Brown, Rachel Potter, Simone Torres, and subway singer Denise Weeks.

Rylie Brown's nerves seemed to get the best of her when she kicked off Zedd's "Clarity" by completely forgetting the words. She recovered nicely and then some, earning praise from the judges

Simon noted, "So you messed up...but who cares when you've got a voice like that. I absolutely love you. I really, really do. The maturity in your voice, the control over the song once you did remember the lyrics. I haven't heard a voice like this from a 15-year-old. You are one to watch."

Rachel Potter was definitely one of our faves of the night, working as a waitress and trying to get a break since she's "not a spring chicken." Her take on Queen's "Somebody to Love" was pretty brilliant. She got a standing ovation from three of the four judges and loads of love.

Simone Torres was one of those surprising auditions--she was sweet and quirky...and then...bam. That voice. She delivered the deep bluesy goods on a kind of strange song choice with "Mustang Sally," but really showed her talent and personality.

Al Calderon is the hottie to watch in this competition because he's talented and adorable, which viewers always love. Al has the chops, and a celeb connection to Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies, as they co-starred on Broadway in 13. Liz tweeted: "My AMAZINGLY TALENTED friend and former 13 castmate, @AlCalderon2, is on X Factor tonight. Tune in, support & make sure to follow him!!!"

Subway singer Denise Weeks closed out the show with a sentimental story that built up to a crummy audition of Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All." Simon definitely saw something in her, giving her a second chance to sing without the track--what a difference! Simon said, "The X Factor's been waiting for you." Demi noted, "I feel like one day you're going to be singing in front of lots and lots of people."

Who was your favorite of the night?


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