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Batman fans and Beliebers probably aren't ready for this one!

Justin Bieber posted a picture on Instagram Friday night that showed him posing with the new Batman VS Superman movie script... and it instantly got people talking.

"#robin??" Justin added with the picture.

Is the Biebs auditioning for the Robin role or did he already get it?

Actor Ben Affleck was given the lead role as Batman just a few days ago and now many are speculating that maybe the Biebs will be his sidekick, Robin? Actually, we think it's a pretty good idea. Both guys are super handsome and would look awesome together as a duo! Bieber would definitely draw in the younger crowd too, which would help rake in the cash.

There are sites reporting the whole thing is a joke. Justin did tweet, "Off to do something funny...or die :)," right before he posted the Robin picture.

Do you think Bieber would be a good pick for Robin? Do you think he'll snag the role? Is this all a joke?

Let us know!

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