'Dexter' Season 8, Episode 11: Dexter Vs. Saxon

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Wow. We expected Dexter to get more and more suspenseful as the season finale neared, but tonight's episode was just crazy. Take a look at what happened on the Showtime show that left us screaming at the TV.

We expected Dexter to get more and more suspenseful as the season finale neared, but tonight's episode was just crazy.

Take a look at what happened on the show that basically left us screaming at the TV.

Dexter vs. Saxon: It was essentially an episode centered on Dexter and Saxon going head to head, following the Brain Surgeon's gruesome killing of his mother, Dr. Vogel.

And things definitely took a turn for the worst.

To kick things off, Oliver Saxon pops up at Miami Metro, and while at first we thought he was there to rat out Dexter, he says he's there to clear his name in Cassie's murder. It appears to us though, that he just wants to ruffle Dexter's feathers by being there in the first place.

Saxon's appearance gives Dexter an idea for a plan though. After he's called into a room to take a swab of Saxon's mouth, Dexter tells Deb she can use it to help take Saxon into custody, considering the swab results will show that Saxon is Vogel's son (Miami Metro has been investigating Vogel's murder).

The Hunt: Soon after this, Dexter finds Saxon's kill room and his computer, which has all of Saxon's kills on it-murders that Saxon videotaped himself. Dexter figures he can use that evidence to get Saxon caught...or at least lure him to try to come after him so he can take him down.

Saxon already has found a way to confront Dexter in a more intimate setting though--by posing as an interested buyer for his condo and showing up as his home to view it.

Saxon, who kicks the real estate agent out during their meeting, tells Dexter he has two choices-to come after him or go on with his life. Essentially, he says he'll take everyone in Dexter's life away if he "chooses poorly."

But, Saxon's threats only make Dexter to want to kill him more before he leaves-or get him caught, which Dexter does by sending Saxon's kill videos to a local TV news station.

When Saxon finds out, he comes to Dexter's home to kill him, just as Dexter expected.

Dexter, who looks like he is sleeping in bed, pops up when Saxon tries to stab him, and Deb comes up from behind him and puts a gun to his head.

Dexter then injects Saxon with the typical solution that knocks his victims right out and escorts him to his kill room.

The Shocker: After Dexter sets him up there though, he decides that he doesn't need to kill Saxon, and calls Deb to come and arrest him instead.

This proves to be a big mistake when the nosey Deputy Marshall Clayton (who just finished searching Deb's home with Elway to find Hannah) follows Deb there. Not knowing who Oliver is, he lets him go.

Befittingly, Oliver immediately stabs Clayton.

But, then came a shocker: When Deb walks back in the room to handcuff Saxon, he shoots her and runs out of the room (and almost gave us a heart attack).

Dexter, meanwhile, has no idea all of this has transpired and is on his way to reunite with Hannah at a hotel room she moved to that's near the airport.

Luckily, Deb was able to call 911 before she passes out or bleeds to death...but the episode ended with us not knowing what her fate will be.

We'll probably be on the edge of our seats until next Sunday.

What did you think of tonight's episode?

Don't miss the season finale of the final episode of Dexter Sept. 22 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.


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