Liam Payne Defends Girlfriend on Twitter, Slams Haters

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Liam Payne took to Twitter to slam the haters dissing his new girlfriend, Sophia Smith. Read what Liam had to say, defending his girlfriend as One Direction fans continue to pile on the mean comments. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-62%

The fact that Liam Payne has a new girlfriend isn't sitting well with some One Direction fans--so the 1D hottie took to Twitter to slam all the haters and stick up for Sophia Smith.

While you might think Liam wouldn't notice much of what fans are saying about Sophia, he had a message for those slinging the insults.

No doubt the hate directed at Sophia is hurtful, but Liam tweeted over the weekend, "People can say what they like I couldn't give a rats a*s about it anymore..."

He admitted that he checks out what fans saying, explaining, "I do it lots cuz I worry she might read the end she's just a girl like u sat reading twitter on her phone."

Aw, so sweet that Liam's looking out for her!

He added, "She doesn't deserve to sit and read all that who does?"

One Twitter user asked if he was hating on fans, he tweeted: "I don't hate anyone babe. well...Just strange horrid people aha"


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