Miley Cyrus: Why She Should Date Justin Bieber Now

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Now that Miley Cyrus is officially done with Liam Hemsworth we can't help but think she should totally date Justin Bieber! Click here to find out why we think she should get with the Biebs. Do you think they'd be good together?

It's official, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are done-zo!

As sad as we are, Liam's obviously moved on so we can't help but wonder who Miley should date now. Ed Sheeran? Harry Styles? Drake?

We think Miss Cyrus should totally hook up with our main man Justin Bieber. Why? Well, why not? They have a lot in common!

1. Miley is 20 years old and Justin is 19. Perhaps the three year age gap between her and Liam had something to do with their relationship issues? (Plus, they both like to smoke pot too!)

2. Their style is the same! Not only are they rocking the same hairdo these days but Miley and Justin are both huge fans of fashion and outrageous get-up. They friends have added a more "rap" sound to their music too.

3. Justin is a fan of twerking! Miley and JB have a song called "Twerk" and Justin has twerked with his fans before. We're sure he thinks Miley's booty-dancing is hot and not embarrassing like Liam did!

4. Bieber's ex, Selena Gomez, used to date Miley's ex, Nick Jonas, too. Confusing, right? Well, if both girls attracted Nick, why wouldn't Justin be attracted to the both of them too? The two ladies probably have a lot of similarities, believe it or not! Sel seemed to be a little too tame for Justin and Miley was too wild for Liam...maybe a switch-eroo IS necessary!

5. They both have had to deal with crazy relationships in the past few years. Now that they're single, they can rebound and hook up like we all know they've wanted to over the years. Remember that report a few months ago that said Miley and Justin were dancing together at the club?

Do you think Miley and Justin should date now? Do you think they ever hooked up before? Chime in!

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