Farrah Abraham: Above the Law?

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Farrah Abraham is not supposed to be drinking for another couple of months, but she has posted videos of herself drinking and admitted to being drunk...

According to the terms of Farrah Abraham's DUI plea bargain in June, the former reality star is not supposed to be drinking for six months, which would take us to December.

As we pointed out before, the Teen Mom turned porn star is currently on a nationwide tour doing appearances at strip clubs and she even posted a picture of herself holding what appeared to be champagne.

She also appeared more than a little inebriated in a YouTube video that a pal posted from their time in Las Vegas.

Still, Farrah hadn't admitted to drinking, so all we could do was assume--until now.

The 21-year-old posted two Keek videos of herself at the Vivid adult club in Miami and in addition to dropping more than her fair share of f-bombs and the caption "party all night," that she chose, it definitely seemed like she had been drinking.

The next morning, she actually confessed to being drunk, with another Keek, saying "hey everyone, good morning. So the Vivid club last night really got out of hand--I watched some of those videos, excuse the 'f word,' it kinda gets crazy when you're drunk and..."

Wait, what? So, she definitely admitted to being drunk.

Question is: Will there be any legal repercussions for violating her probation?

What do you guys think?

It's almost as if she's snubbing her nose up at the law...

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