Is Kim Kardashian Going Behind Kanye West's Back for Publicity?

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Is Kim Kardashian going behind rapper beau Kanye West's back to text paparazzi and tell them where she is so that she can continue to be photographed, despite his plan for her PR? Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game SevenKim Kardashian has definitely been taking a different approach to her public image lately.

The reality starlet who had been photographed almost daily prior to giving birth to her daughter North West is suddenly taking a much more low key approach to her publicity.

Still, a few photos have emerged of the new mom and there were reports that Kanye West suspected that Kim had tipped the photogs off to tell them where she was, which wouldn't be the first time she had been accused of doing just that.

Kim's public relations team recently underwent a major overhaul, with Kim firing her former rep and Kanye handling her PR in the interim before she hired a new one at his urging.

Obviously, we know how Kanye feels about the paparazzi and since he seems to be manning the ship, he's probably the reason why she hasn't been photographed very often in recent months.

But, as Kim is essentially famous for being famous, that could destroy her career and apparently she is aware of that.

"Kim is letting Kanye revamp her entire lifestyle right now and she's loving the changes he's making, but she is still the same old schemer that she's always been!" a source tells RadarOnline.

Meaning what, exactly?

"Kim isn't going to ever stop secretly texting the paparazzi or the people she knows that can help her stay famous," they revealed. "Kanye would be really mad if he knew that she's doing it, but Kim is still texting with paparazzos and talking to people that she knows will get her side of any story out."

We can't see Kanye being too thrilled about that, but there is definitely a divide in terms of strategy.

Do you think they can find a happy medium?



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