Josh Peck Says Costar Chris Brown Is "Just Really Blessed! He's Gifted"

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Josh Peck sounds off on dancing and what impressed him most about his 'Battle of the Year' costars, including Chris Brown! Never thought we'd see these two share the big screen!

Josh Peck stars in Battle of the Year, a new movie about two guys, Derrek and Dante, who believe they can take any B-boy team to victory with proper coaching and a passionate attitude. The film also stars Laz Alonso and Chris Brown. Josh came by our studio recently for a live chat, and we also got to talk about his dance background and what it was like working with Chris.

"I went to a performing arts high school in New York," Josh says, "and I was a musical theatre majorm so at least once a week I took dance." The 26-year-old actor was taught a variety of styles. "From hip hop to modern and I've taken some tap classes," he recalls. "I've always imagined I was better at it than I probably was."

Though Josh isn't an avid break dancer, he has given it a spin. "It's really hard! Super fun, but now it's become so acrobatic," he tells us. "You almost have to be a gymnast in a lot of ways. There's such an art to it. The style, the movement and owning what you're doing."

The guys in the film who did own what they were doing blew Josh away. "Some of the best were Kid David, Bboy Luigi and Casper Smart," he says. "All these people are the masters at what they do and they're so respected within their community." Josh loved the creative learning environment on set. "The great thing about what we do as actors is we get to be around a community of people you normally wouldn't be exposed to."

But someone who has been exposed to the dancing, acting and singing community is one of his co-stars, Chris. "He's just really blessed! He's gifted," Josh says. "To watch a truly great entertainer, someone that can act, sing and dance like that is a throwback. It's like Sammy Davis Jr!"

So what does one do when he doesn't have moves like Jagger Chris Brown? "I try to do a weird pop and lock, it sort of looks like I have a tick," says Josh, "and I throw out the Macarena whenever possible."

Battle of the Year hits theaters on September 20.

Check out the trailer below with a special Cambio shout out from Chris:

'Battle of the Year' Trailer: Star Chris Brown Gives Cambio a Shout Out!


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