'Teen Mom 3' Episode 5 Recap: Tough Times

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This week on 'Teen Mom 3,' Briana DeJesus struggles with feeling like she's a burden on her mom and sister, who have been helping her take care of her daughter. Also... This week on Teen Mom 3, Briana DeJesus struggles, feeling like she's a burden on her mother and sister, who have been helping her take care of her daughter Nova.

Feeling frustrated after her sister goes on a girls-only weekend getaway, Briana breaks down and tells her mom how she feels. Ever the supportive mother, Briana's mom tells her that she loves Briana and Nova and doesn't view them as a burden.

Katie Yeager's boyfriend Joey, on the other hand, is kind of a burden for her as Katie struggles with whether or not to participate in a friend's fashion show, where she will model a wedding dress and some tasteful lingerie.

Naturally, Joey objects because she was going to be modeling some sexy clothes, but Katie does it anyway.

Ultimately, Katie's lingerie runway outfit wasn't too revealing at all, but Joey still stormed out of the show.

Mackenzie Douthit has been struggling a lot with her boyfriend (now husband) Josh's career choice, as he is a bull rider, which she fears is dangerous. We saw them fight about it in her episode of 16 & Pregnant and it's obviously still a source of contention between the two, but in the end, Mackenzie decides to stand by her man, even if that means supporting something she wouldn't have chosen for him.

Alex Sekella isn't arguing with her man Matt anymore, because after the blowout they had on the last episode, they've decided to go their separate ways.

Although Alex originally thought it would be a good idea for her and Matt to go to counseling together, she has still decided it would be helpful for her, so she goes solo so that she can work through her own issues, with or without him. Fortunately, it looks like it will be the latter.

She meets up with him after the counseling session and they end up in an argument, where Alex tells him she doesn't want him around their daughter.

What did you think of tonight's episode of Teen Mom 3?

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