Niall Horan and Zoe Whelan Back Together? Are They Secretly Dating Again?

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Is Niall Horan secretly dating Zoe Whelan? Check out the new buzz that Niall and Zoe got back together after breaking up earlier this year and that they're trying to keep their relationship "under the radar." %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-58%

The Niall Horan dating rumors never let up, do they?

This time, reports are flying that he's gotten back together with Zoe Whelan.

We just got over the buzz about Niall and Ellie Goulding breaking up (though it never seemed like they were dating?)!

We've been on this merry-go-round of Niall and Zoe dating before, with reports of them being a couple and then breaking up.

It's familiar territory, for sure.

They were rumored to be secretly dating earlier in the year, but both denied they were together.

Then another rumor floated about Niall and Zoe dating...and then another.

In July, a report surfaced that they broke up.

Now we're back to "secretly dating" status, as a source told Heat magazine (via Sugarscape), ''Niall wants everything kept completely under the radar as he feels they simply won't survive if they're being watched."

The insider added, "But the truth is, he's mad about her and when he's in Ireland they're spending almost every second together.''

Further, the source explained, ''She's flown out on four different occasions to meet him over in London and be close to him. Although they would prefer to keep the relationship quiet, they actually get to hook up together a lot more than you'd think and Zoe is a regular face backstage at their gigs.''

So...what do you think? Are Niall and Zoe dating or is this just another rumor?

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