One Direction Super Fan Gets 20 Tattoos as 1D Tribute: She's 47!

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One Direction superfan Jayne Bailey has 20 tattoos as a tribute to her favorite boy band. She's also 47 years old, making her likely one of 1D's oldest fans. Find out which tattoos she has like Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-52%

One Direction definitely has a certain age demographic--and this super fan skews a bit older.

Just because she's 47-years-old though, it doesn't mean she's not dedicated--and she has the 1D tattoos to prove it!

Her love for the One Direction guys started with the X Factor, when she and her 13-year-old daughter, Aisling Bailey, cheered the guys on.

Aisling's mom, Jayne, got on the 1D bandwagon to become one of the older Directioners we've heard of.

Jayne has 20 tattoos in honor of 1D, including the two swallows Harry Styles has on his chest and Louis Tomlinson's stag, paper plane, bluebird, teacup, stick man on a skateboard and more.

She also has all of their signatures and birthdays among her collection.

Talking about her decision to show her love for the boy band, she told The Mirror, "I love the band. I think they're great, it's something me and my daughter can do together."

She added, "People stare but I just get used to it."

As you'd expect, not all Directioners are fans of Jayne's, as she explained, "I've had abuse on Twitter--even from 13 and 14 year old girls. They say things like, 'They will think you're stupid, they'll hate you.'"

Still, nothing is going to sway her love of the guys--or her decision to get more tattoos as a 1D tribute.

She explained, "I'm mature enough to know whether or not I want a tattoo. Some people look at me strangely but the people that know me, know that it's who I am. I'll be devastated if they break up, but I'm old enough to know what I'm getting myself into."

How does her daughter feel about her mom's 1D devotion?

She gives it all mixed reviews, saying, "I think some of my mum's tattoos are really awful but some of them are kinda cool. I like the signature tattoos but hate the big stag one."

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