Who's On Team Miley? And Who's Not?

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Miley Cyrus has been dealing with all sorts of drama these past few weeks! While a lot of celebs are quick to speak badly about her, there are others who are totally defending her! Click here to find out which famous friends are on Team Miley and which are not! Are you on her team? %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-88780%

From crazy VMAs performances to breakups to twerking, Miley Cyrus has been dealing with all kinds of drama lately. While a lot of her celebrity acquaintances have been quick to speak badly about her new image and lifestyle, others have stood up for her. Which celebs are on Team Miley? Which ones are not?

TEAM MILEY: Kelly Osbourne is the singer's good friend, but that didn't stop her from saying that Miley should keep her tongue in her mouth more often after the VMAs! Kelly also made it very clear she loves Miley and was just stating her opinion on her awards show performance.

NOT TEAM MILEY: Kelly Clarkson totally thinks Selena Gomez rocks but she's not feeling Miley's new vibe at all. She totally called Miss Cyrus' VMAs performance out and even said she was pitchy! Ouch! Read more about that drama here.

TEAM MILEY: Justin Timberlake was rumored to not like Miley's VMAs performance but later he actually defended it by saying it's not "like she did it at the Grammys."

NOT TEAM MILEY: Liam Hemsworth was reportedly mortified and embarrassed by Miley's performance at the VMAs...and he was her fiance' at the time! Her show that night obviously wasn't the only thing he wasn't feeling of hers because they JUST announced their breakup earlier this week.

TEAM MILEY: Miley's famous dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, is totally on her team. After the VMAs, he was quick to defend her raunchy performance. She even posted something he said to her on Twitter that totally proved he approved of her new image and show that night.

NOT TEAM MILEY: Robin Thicke's mom, Gloria Loring, was quick to complain about her son and Miley's VMA collaboration. Obviously, she was appalled by Miley's sexuality and raunchy dance moves on stage. She said the whole thing "bummed" her out.

TEAM MILEY: Harry Styles from One Direction told Yahoo! after the VMAs performance that it's about time MIley came out of her shell. He also said her performance was one "you could sit and watch with your kids and your Grandma."

NOT TEAM MILEY: Model Elle Evans, who stars in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video AND one of Miley's, talked about Miley at the VMAs and thought it was disappointing. She wasn't being a total hater, she did have some good stuff to say about Miss Cyrus! Read more here!

TEAM MILEY: Britney Spears pretty much knows what Miley is going through so it wasn't shocking that she made it clear she's on Team Miley. She recently spoke up about Miley's wild VMA show and defended and even gave "props to her." It makes sense though, as the two ladies are working on music together and are friends as well.

Are you surprised by who is sticking up for Miley and who isn't? The real question is: Are YOU on Team Miley?

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