Ariana Grande Shoots Down Justin Bieber Dating Rumors

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Are Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber dating...or even flirting? In a new interview, Ariana shoots down rumors that she and Justin hooked up while touring together. Find out what she says about how the demands of performing leave little time for being a couple. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-171%

Ariana Grande is shutting down all the rumors about dating Justin Bieber.

Turns out, while many speculated Ariana and Justin were getting cozy when she toured with him--the truth is, they barely saw each other!

In a new interview with J-14, Ariana tells all...and it's not nearly as juicy as you might expect.

Ariana explained, "It's funny--everybody thinks we spent so much time together because we were touring, but really, I think I saw him once, and it was for about five minutes."

She added, "He played me 'Heartbreaker,' it was amazing, and then I left. It's like 'hey, great job, bye.'"

With the demands of performing, Ariana explained, "You don't really see each other, cause it's like I'm on stage, then I'm off stage, and then I leave and I go to sleep. And then he's on stage then he leaves."

She added, "So it's like you don't see each other."

So there you have it. Despite the pic of Justin kissing Ariana, they never had any time together to hook up!

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