Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed of All Time Face-Off: Vote Now!

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  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/056/8/S1000568/l_280x470.jpg?1 Nina Dobrev, 2011 (Is Nina best dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/056/7/S1000567/l_280x470.jpg?1 Sofia Vergara, 2011

    (Or is Sofia best dressed?)

    Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/059/2/S1000592/l_280x470.jpg?1 Kelly Osbourne, 2002 (Is Kelly worse dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/059/1/S1000591/l_280x470.jpg?1 Mischa Barton, 2004 (Or is Mischa worse dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/056/6/S1000566/l_280x470.jpg?1 Olivia Wilde, 2009 (Is Olivia best dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/055/5/S1000555/l_280x470.jpg?1 January Jones, 2009 (Or is January best dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/059/4/S1000594/l_280x470.jpg?1 Hayden Panettiere, 2007 (Is Hayden worse dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/058/7/S1000587/l_280x470.jpg?1 Joan Rivers, 2003 (Or is Joan worse dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/056/9/S1000569/l_280x470.jpg?1 Blake Lively, 2009 (Is Blake best dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/057/1/S1000571/l_280x470.jpg?1 Kate Winslet, 2011 (Or is Kate best dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/058/4/S1000584/l_280x470.jpg?1 Edie Falco, 2004 (Is Edie worse dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/058/5/S1000585/l_280x470.jpg?1 Bai Ling, 2003 (Or is Bai worse dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/056/1/S1000561/l_280x470.jpg?1 Halle Berry, 2005 (Is Halle best dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/056/4/S1000564/l_280x470.jpg?1 Eva Longoria, 2008 (Or is Eva best dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/058/6/S1000586/l_280x470.jpg?1 Sarah Silverman, 2009 (Is Sarah worse dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/058/9/S1000589/l_280x470.jpg?1 Geena Davis, 2000 (Or is Geena worse dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/056/2/S1000562/l_280x470.jpg?1 Katherine Heigl, 2006 (Is Katherine best dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/058/3/S1000583/l_280x470.jpg?1 Sandra Oh, 2009 (Or is Sandra best dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/107/042/8/S1070428/slug/l/screen-shot-2013-09-19-at-9-01-01-am-1_280x470.jpg Paula Abdul 2006 (Is Paula worse dressed?) Getty
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/059/0/S1000590/l_280x470.jpg?1 Lucy Liu, 2000 (Or is Lucy worse dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/056/5/S1000565/l_280x470.jpg?1 Drew Barrymore, 2009 (Is Drew best dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/058/2/S1000582/l_280x470.jpg?1 Sarah Jessica Parker, 2003 (Or is Sarah best dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/107/043/1/S1070431/slug/l/l-1-1_280x470.jpg Patricia Heaton, 1999 (Is Patricia worse dressed?) Getty Images
  • http://www.blogcdn.com/slideshows/images/slides/100/059/5/S1000595/l_280x470.jpg?1 Portia De Rossi, 1999 (Or is Portia worse dressed?) Getty Images
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    The Emmy Awards take place in September, so there's always lots of skin on display! Check out your faves, including Nina Dobrev, Sofia Vergara, Blake Lively and Halle Berry and let us know who looked hottest and who burned out on the red carpet! The Emmy Awards take place in September (make sure you tune in this Sunday), so there's always lots of skin on display! Check out your faves, including Nina Dobrev, Sofia Vergara, Blake Lively and Halle Berry, and let us know who looked hottest and who burned out on the red carpet!


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