Taylor Swift To Play Vivian in "Pretty Woman" Remake?

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Can we expect to see more of Taylor Swift on the big screen? How about in a remake of Pretty Woman?

There were rumors Tay was in the running for the epic role of Vivian, the girl Julia Roberts played in the 1990 original movie. Tay even posed for pictures with the legendary actress when they were at the Toronto International Film Festival a few weeks ago really adding fuel to the Pretty Woman rumor fire.

As much as we think it would be neat to see T-Swift play a hooker, GossipCop.com shut down the talk and said there's no way Taylor will be in a new version of Pretty Woman.

It seems like someone wants to see Miss Swift in movies again. This isn't the first rumor to swirl recently about her starring in a big, upcoming flick!

IF there was to be a remake of Pretty Woman, who do you think should play Vivian? Taylor? Would you like to see more of Taylor on the big screen?

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