Ashly Williams 'X Factor' Audition: Demi Lovato Cries, Judges Give Standing Ovation

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Ashly Williams gave an amazing audition on X Factor last night, even moving Demi Lovato to tears and earning a full judges' panel standing ovation.

Ashly's performance of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" was beautiful and very emotional, as we discovered earlier she was singing it in memory of her mother, who had been murdered.

She showed off her incredible talent, shedding a tear mid-song, but finished it out beautifully.

A single tear rolled down Demi's face as Ashly finished the song.

Later she commented, "Ashly, I'm like speechless. I had chills all over my arms and legs. And I can feel it in you, I can feel that heart."

Paulino Rubio said after, "Oh my god, I was just captivated by your talent. That was an amazing performance."

Ashly is definitely one to watch in this competition.

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