'Dexter' Finale Season Finale: Dexter Says Goodbye

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One of the show's main characters didn't make it through the final season finale of 'Dexter,' and while we expected a big twist to go down...we never saw this one coming. Take a look at what happened. We expected the season finale of the final season of Dexter to knock us off our feet (a la Rita's death), but it left us feeling a little, well, perplexed (and depressed).

One of the show's main characters didn't make it through the episode, and while we expected a big twist to happen...we never saw this one coming.

Take a look at what went down on the last episode of the thrilling Showtime drama.

Saxon on the Loose: The show kicked off with Saxon still on the run after he shot Deb and killed Clayton. While Deb is rushed to the ER, Dexter heads to the airport to flee to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison, having no idea of what went down when he left Saxon's lair.

The trouble is Elway is at the airport waiting when Dexter arrives-trying to take Hannah into custody before they board their flight. To get him out of their hair, Dexter plants a book bag under a chair and tells an agent at the ticket desk that Elway left it there. The plan gets foiled somewhat though when security evacuates the entire airport because of the planted book bag, meaning Dexter, Hannah and Harrison will have to wait to board their flight.

As they're heading out, Dexter gets a call that Deb has been shot and rushes to the hospital to see her. When he gets there, her doctor says the bullet bounced around a bit, but she's optimistic Deb will make a full recovery.

In the midst of all this, Saxon is bleeding heavily and still trying to find a way to flee town (or take down Dexter). He somehow manages to go unnoticed as he drives up to a grocery store in broad daylight, pulls a gun on a customer and steals his car. After Saxon randomly finds a veterinary, he busts into the shop and demands an employee sow up his arm. Once he's all sown up, he forces the employee to drive him to the ER after he finds out Deb has survived.

Dexter has a feeling Saxon has returned after the employee busts into the hospital with a stabbed stomach and his tongue cut out. Thankfully, he spots Saxon before he can cause anymore harm. And so does Bautista, who pulls out a gun on the "Brain Surgeon," handcuffs him and takes him into custody.

Tragedy Strikes: This led to the point where we shed a couple of tears. While everything looked like it was fine when Dexter left the hospital, Deb suffered a stroke and stopped breathing. They were able to save her, but the doctor tells Dexter and Quinn while there's a chance she'll be able to breathe on her own, she would never be the same-living her life as a vegetable, only being able to eat through a feeding tube and never knowing if he, or anyone else, was in her presence.

Dexter's Revenge: After Saxon was taken into questioning, Dexter manages to get in a room alone with him to pretend like he's going to perform a test. What he's there to do though, he tells Saxon, is kill him with the pen he brought in the room. Saxon grabs the pen and stabs Dexter in the chest and then Dexter grabs the pen and stabs him in the neck, leaving Saxon dead on the ground.

Heading to Argentina: While all of this drama is going down, Hannah and Harrison board a bus to Daytona so they can catch a flight from there to Argentina. But, Elway is waiting on the bus. Luckily, Hannah has a tranquilizer-filled needle in tow and stabs him in the leg when he lets his guard down. It knocks him out and Hannah and Harrison make it safely to Argentina.

Dexter's Breakdown: With Deb now a vegetable, Dexter decides he doesn't want to hurt anyone else in his life. Here's where we got a little confused: How does anyone take their sister off of life support, roll her body out of the hospital in broad daylight and then carry her body down to their boat without getting noticed? We don't know, but that's exactly what Dexter did. And then he sailed out into a major storm on his boat, dropped Deb's body off into the ocean and decides he's going to end his life.

As Hannah and Harrison are boarding their plane to Argentina, Dexter calls them. He tells Harrison he loves him and "to always remember that." Before we could scream "noooooo!," Dexter sails off into the abyss with the storm in full force.

When the storm passes, we see pieces of Dexter's "Slice of Life" boat in the ocean, Bautista reacting to news of Dexter's disappearance and Hannah in Argentina with Harrison wiping tears from her eyes after she sees that he didn't make it through the storm.

At this point, we're sure he's dead, but he pops back up in a random location with a scruffy beard and an exhausted look on his face. It appears he's taken on a new life as a lumberjack and doesn't plan on looking back. And while we were ecstatic Dexter survived, the ending left a ton of unanswered questions.

Tell us, what did you think of tonight's season finale?

Did you love it or were you disappointed?

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