'Teen Mom 3' Episode 6 Recap: Old Habits Die Hard

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On this week's episode of 'Teen Mom 3,' Briana DeJesus finally gets fed up with her ex (and baby daddy) Devoin and kicks him to the curb... On this week's episode of Teen Mom 3, there was A LOT of drama between the girls and their baby daddies.

Briana DeJesus had been trying to make things work with her daughter's father Devoin, but eventually she decides she's made it this far without him, she can continue to get by with only her mother and sister's help.

When Briana has Devoin over to have the talk with him, a huge fight erupts. Briana's mom even gets involved and they end up throwing him out after a pretty intense confrontation.

Briana eventually does decide to file the order of protection that she had been considering in previous episodes.

Katie Yeager is still struggling with her baby daddy Joey and getting a notice that he over-drafted from the bank doesn't help matters at all.

As usual, Katie and Joey end up arguing and the discussion circles back to his drug use. They eventually go to counseling and Joey says that he will stop smoking pot to help their relationship.

Alex Sekalla is furious after Matt trashes her mom's basement and calls his mom to come take all of his stuff out of her house.

In addition, Alex is now fighting for sole custody of Arabella because she doesn't want him as an influence in her life and is afraid of him being alone with her. When Matt tries to get some legal advice about the situation, he doesn't get good news as he finds out he'll have to essentially be living a stable life before he can even apply for visitation.

Mackenzie Douthit tries to get back into cheering, but realizes she has a tough road ahead of her as she's been out of practice and is expending all of her energy taking care of Gannon. To make matters worse, she and her fiance Josh are strapped for cash and they are depending on his income from riding in the rodeo, which is proving to be somewhat scarce.

What did you think of this week's episode of Teen Mom 3?

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