Ariana Grande Fires Back After Ex Jai Brooks' Family Slams Her on Twitter

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After Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes confirmed that they're dating, the actress/singer faced a backlash on Twitter, including ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks' family. Read how she responded to them, plus what Jai tweeted following the dating news. Jai Brooks responds to Ariana Grande dating Nathan SykesIn the midst of the happy news that Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes confirmed they're dating...something kind of ugly happened on Twitter too.

Ariana's ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks' family piled on with insulting tweets, seeming to slam her.

How did she handle it? With grace and kindness, of course, tweeting: "I was raised to never speak poorly or spread false rumors about anybody...Sending light and kindness to everyone in my path"

Here's the kind of stuff she was responding to...

Jai's brother, Luke Brooks, tweeted: "Mhhhhmmmm ehhh Nahhhhriana"

He followed it up later with, "Who remembers the advice I gave once? 'Don't be a stupid ho'"

We're guessing that was directed at Ariana, hmm?

He then reportedly (check out the screen capture at ONTD) messaged a fan with rumors about Ariana cheating on Jai with Mac Miller and later with Nathan, noting, "she f***ed Jai's life."

Luke later tweeted, "C'mon guys don't be gullible, I don't have any secret accounts so if "I'm" talking to you on ANY other account, it's not me."

Fair enough.

Beau Brooks seemed to respond to Ariana's "I was raised to never speak poorly..." tweet, when he wrote: "I was raised to believe that everyone deserves what they put into life."

Ariana's brother, Frankie Grande, is sticking up for his sister, tweeting earlier today: "Anybody who believes that rumor about my sister needs to pause. Open their eyes and remember how much she loved him."

He continued: "He CRUSHED her w/ a phone breakup and to see Ari that miserable broke MY heart. It was a sad time for us all."

Frankie added, "I've nothing bitter or negative to say because my sisters finally happy again and ultimately that's all that matters. But spreading lies to get over a broken heart is just as bad as breaking someone's heart in the first place & I'd appreciate it not happen."

Jai initially didn't join the Twitter bashing, but tweeted: "A wise fish once told me... to just keep swimming"

He responded to Frankie's rant, however (then deleted it), writing: "don't u dare fu*king talk about me when u don't know sh*t. i havnt said anything. why do you feel the need to?"

Earlier Wednesday, Jai had a different story to tell, tweeting: "When someone says sh*t to try and make me look bad, I am 100% going to stick up for myself. I don't care what anyone else says"

Are things getting ugly?

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