Ariana Grande on Dealing with Haters: "You Can't Please Everybody"

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Ariana Grande offers up her advice for haters and bullies in this video clip. Ariana's suggestions are well timed with the Twitter drama surrounding her ex-boyfriend, Jai Brooks, his brothers, and her brother. Get all the details. Ariana Grande haters Jai Brooks Twitter ex boyfriend Nathan Sykes datingAriana Grande's advice on dealing with haters and bullies is pretty well timed with what she's faced recently.

After she and Nathan Sykes confirmed their dating status, she faced plenty of haters, with Twitter comments coming in all directions, including from her ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks and his brothers.

Catch up on all the drama about what was said about Ariana cheating on Jai and what her brother said to stick up for her.

Ariana recently spoke with MTV, talking about how to deal with haters and bullies, saying, "There's always gonna be somebody who doesn't like you."

She continued, "I think the sooner you can come to terms with the fact that you're not always gonna be liked by everybody, the sooner you'll be happier, and the sooner you'll be okay with everything."

Bottom line advice, Ariana says: "You can't please everybody and as long as you're pleased with what you're doing and the choices you're making, I think that's the most important thing."

It sounds like she's practicing what she preaches with this current round of hate that's been directed at her.

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