Harry Styles Caught Smoking in Australia? His Mom Says No

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Did Harry Styles get caught smoking in a recent golfing pic?

While it appeared Harry had something hanging out of his mouth while out golfing in Australia with Niall Horan, turns out it was no big deal.

According to his mom, anyway...and she should know, right?

We thought it was a lollipop and moved on, to be honest, but some fans were in an uproar that Harry is a smoker now.

Upon a closer look, however, turns out he had a golf tee sticking out of his mouth!

Oh, Harry.

His mom, Anne Twist, tweeted, "he doesn't smoke. They must have been mistaken."

Thank you, mum, for clearing that one up.

Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall have all been snapped in pics smoking, with Niall later tweeting after the incident: 'I'm sorry it was a drunken mistake, don't know how I thought it was cool."

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