Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dishes on His New Film 'Don Jon'

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Excited to see Don Jon? Take a peek at what the film's star, writer and director, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, had to say about his new dramedy, in which he plays a porn-addicted man from New Jersey, opposite Scarlett Johansson. Excited to see Don Jon this weekend?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is opening up about his new film, which he not only stars in, but also directed and wrote himself.

"It started out I wanted to tell a story about how people sometimes treat each other as things rather than people and how media somehow plays into that," Joseph said. "So, I thought a relationship between a young man who watches too much pornography and a woman who watches too many romantic Hollywood movies would be a sort of funny way at getting at these questions."

The film centers on a New Jersey man named Jon who develops unrealistic expectations of women from watching porn, and struggles to find intimacy and true happiness when he starts to fall for a woman who was raised on romantic, Hollywood movies (Scarlett Johansson).

Joseph plays Jon, who is the "quintessential quality of any Don Juan character," he said.

"He's a womanizer," Joseph continued. "He treats women likes things for his consumption, objects for his pleasure and doesn't really care about them as people-just kind of goes through one after the other. But, he takes a lot of pride in it. I think he maybe even enjoys getting to brag about it, more than he enjoys being with the girls themselves."

Find out what Joseph's mom thinks about the movie and more about what's in store in Don Jon, which hits theaters Friday.

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